Mini Haul – Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams

Hey Guys!
So recently I have been absolutely falling in love with Nyx. I find this to be such an affordable brand that has so many top quality products, ranging from lipsticks, to brow products, to highlighters.
So the other day whilst at my local boots store I decided to try out their soft matte lip creams. These cost £5.50 for each one and they come with 8ml worth of product.

Okay, the packaging isn’t overly exciting, but this is the common packaging across many of Nyx’s products and in my opinion I love the fact you can see what the colour is, by the packaging. nyx soft matte lip
Another thing I love about these soft matte lip creams is that the names are all places and I think that is absolutely adorable. Ive been absolutely loving nudes, and matte finishes recently so I decided to pick up the shades London, Abu-Dhabi and Rome.

The formula of these is absolutely bloody brilliant. They go on to your lips so softly, and so smoothly its unreal. Even though they are a matte formula I personally think these are not drying at all and don’t sit into any cracks or highlight any dryness in my lips which I really appreciate.
The only thing I would say about this product is that the actual colour of the product for me, has proven to be slightly lighter than what it appears to be on the packaging. I personally don’t mind this as I now feel more inclined to purchase some of the more darker colours and go a bit crazy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very mini haul, and very mini review. Don’t forget to like and follow so you can keep up to date with my posts!

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Review – CB12 White Mouthwash

Hey Guys!
Today I am going to be reviewing the brand new(wish) CB12 White Mouthwash. This currently retails for £15 in Boots, however I was kindly sent this by the brand to review.
* All opinions are always my own even when the item is sent to me

So this mouthwash claims to:

  • Help whiten teeth after two weeks, used twice daily after brushing
  • Provide pleasant breath for 12 hours

The first thing i will say about this mouthwash, is that it is very pricey in my opinion for a mouthwash. For example, if you compare this to the Listerine equivalent, that costs only £5.60 for 500ml, however this CB12 mouthwash costs £15 for only 250ml. In my humble opinion I would have to really love this mouthwash in order to repurchase for that price.

One thing I noticed, only as I was opening the bottle is that unlike other major mouthwash brands CB12 does not have a safety cap feature. Now if you’re living alone, or only with a partner like myself, this may not bother you. However, if you have children, there may be some concern regarding the fact they could easily open this and guzzle down the whole bottle.

When it comes to the smell of this product, I can find it to be quite over powering. cb12-2However if you like strong, fresh, minty smells then this mouthwash is definitely for you! This smell did get me worried about the taste of the mouthwash, but i was soon pleasantly surprised. This mouthwash does have a nice minty taste, however this is not overpowering at all, which I really like, as I find it hard to use brands that have a really over powering taste to their mouthwash.

When talking about the instant effects, your teeth do feel cleaner than if you had just brushed them, and your breath does appear to feel fresher and smell nice and mint. However… when it comes to later in the day, maybe even just a few hours after I feel like the freshness just kind of wears off? I can’t imagine, even when I’m not working in a coffee shop, that my breath would stay fresh for 12 hours!

I personally find it really hard to judge whether a product whitens my teeth over time, as i always lose track, and can never precisely be like yes! This has whitened my teeth! However, I do feel like with regular use this product definitely does help to keep pesky, daily stains away, yet I’m not sure how tough it is on longer term stains you may have already acquired.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, i definitely think CB12 is definitely worth a try, as most things work differently on different people. I just don’t think i would repurchase this product, yet that is more so down to the price as oppose to the effects that the product has on me!

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Tili Beauty Box Review 

Hey guys!! Today is super exciting as I’m going to be sharing with you the first ever edition of the Tili Beauty Box, so we’ll jump straight in!

First off, the packaging is so frickin adorable it hurts. It comes in a gorgeous baby blue hard box, which I was really surprised about as I thought it would just be thin cardboard!

You then open up the box and there is pink tissue paper with a little Tili sticker, which is such a pretty touch. Laying on top of some shredded pink tissue paper is a card that tells you a little about Tili, and has all the information regarding the products.

I think the shredded pink tissue paper is such a cute touch, and really makes this beauty box feel really special… I just love it!

So… On to the products!

First off, you get an adorable Essie nail polish in the shade ballet slippers, which is an adorable pastel pink shade. This nail polish is 13.5 ml, so is definitely going to last a few applications!

Secondly you get a Nexxus Nutrititive shampoo and conditioner which is designed to replenish your hair. I have tried this and I can definitely say my hair feelsIMG_6585
good! These are both 89 ml.

You also get a Vita Liberata pHenomenal luxury tan, which also comes with a diddy mitt! I’ve heard very good thinks about this, so I’m rather excited to try it! This self tan has 25 ml in it… So I’m hoping it will at least do both my legs!

Then we come on to the Elemis Smart Cleanse Micellar Water. This is 50 ml which isn’t a lot but it’s enough to to test it out. I have heard some really good things about this cleanser, so I’m excited to try get away from face wipes! One of the things I’m most excited about is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. This product has been hyped about so much lately and is meant to work absolute wonders! This bottle is 50 ml, so should be enough for a few uses!

Next is the Bareminerals Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion.. What a mouthful! Now I believe this is a serum, and it’s meant to work anti-ageing wonders, but with only 7.5 ml it isn’t going to go very far!

Last but not least, we have the Becca Backlight Priming Filter. Now this is the thing I’m most excited to try, however I’m really scared to use it as its only got 6ml in it… Special occasion time me thinks!

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

I actually purchased this off of Beautylish as it worked out to be cheaper than anywhere else, and I’ll now explain why. So if you get the palette off of somewhere like Cult Beauty it will be £41 and £3.95 shipping. However, on Beautylish I paid $42 and I paid $8 for customs with free delivery. This equates to about £37 with shipping as oppose to £45 with shipping!On to the palette!

So the actual palette has a beautiful velvet finish in a dusty rose colour, with white writing for the palette name and rose gold writing for the brand name. Personally I love the velvet, and I think its a beautiful touch to the palette and makes it stand  out more. I love the fact the palette comes with a mirror and a double ended brush, because it means its great if you’re on the go and acts as a pretty fabulous travel companion. Although, one thing I must mention is that the fluffy blending side of the brush really doesn’t appeal to me, I find it more rough than a lot of my blending brushes so I tend to use the other side more!

In terms of the actual shadows I really love the shade range, however it definitely leans towards being a very warm toned palette, so if you like your cool tones I would give this one a miss! In this palette you get 3 quite shimmery shades and the other 11 are matte, however some do have tiny flecks of sparkle. I’m not too fussy when it comes to the finish of eyeshadows, but I definitely am glad that there are more matte pans as I have found myself reaching for this palette more than lets say…my urban decay naked 3 palette. One thing that I will say about this palette is that the eyeshadows are all slightly on the powdery side, and I do find that I have to do my eyes first when using this palette as the fallout is greater than others. However, I do not find these eyeshadows to fail in the pigmentation category as they are all beautifully pigmented and I recommend using them with a delicate hand!

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Kiko Haul – Italy Travels 

I haven’t posted in a while, I know….

Moving on. I have just got back from a trip to Italy, and I accidentally wondered into a Kiko whilst there was a 70% off event! Most of the products are lip products, however there is one key skin care product! So I hope you enjoy. 

  1. Kiko Blooming Glow Revitalising Face Serum £4.10 – What really drew me to this was the clear glass packaging. I love that you can see the different beads inside! 
  2. Kiko Colour Click Lipstick £3.40 – I bought this in the shade 01. It’s beautiful light pink shade and the packaging design is insane. 
  3. Kiko Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick £3.40 – I bought this in the shade 300. I was so attracted to the beautiful rose gold packaging.
  4. Kiko Double Match Lipstick & Lipliner £2.30 – I bought these in the shades 01 and 05. I fell in love with the idea of having a double ended liner and lipstick. The design reminds me of lippie stix (not that I have any) 
  5. Kiko Urban Sheen Lipgloss £1.40 – I bought these in the shades 01, 03 and 04. The price is what really got me, I couldn’t resist trying them! 

So that’s the end of my Kiko haul, I hope I have inspired you to check out their incredible sale! Peace out.

Outfit of the day – Summer Shorts

So this is my first outfit of the day post! Finally I have been able to get outside in the sunshine and actually take some photographs…. Of myself!

  • So on my top half I’m wearing this grey and white, striped crop top from Atmosphere by Primark. I actually rarely buy from Primark, but it was only £5  and I thought why not! It’s a really nice length and doesn’t come up too high!
  • For my bottom half I’m wearing these absolutely gorgeous shorts from River Island. They’re this muted orange / almost mustard colour and they have this beautiful geometric pattern. As they’re high waisted,  they’re very flattering as well as being able to cover up everything that’s needs it! Considering they were only £15 on sale, I just HAD to buy them!
  • My shoes, I got quite recently from Newlook. They’re these tan coloured flat sandles, with a cross over at the front and a strap around the anke. They’re simple, so can be used with almost any look and they’re super comfy to walk in!
  • For accessories I’m just wearing my new sunglasses from River Island. Again, I absolutely love River Island and for £10, these sunglasses were too good to miss out on! They’re black with a gold bar along the side. The actual lenses are multi coloured and reflective, making it very easy to have a no makeup day when the sun is shining! They look so funky, and retro. Plus… with these sunglasses I also got a gorgeous neon orange and grey sunglass pouch/case thing so I highly recommend you check out their sunglasses!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you would like to see more then don’t forget to like and follow!!

Love Me Beauty Box – May 

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So I think I may have found the best monthly subscription bag / box there is! And I’m so excited to share it with you. Whilst reading another post I stumbled upon a brand called Love Me Beauty.

They do a month beauty subscription… But there’s something that makes them special! Instead of being sent random, and possibly unwanted items, you get to pick the things you want! How amazing is that? It costs £10 a month + postage and you can pay in a lump sum or have the  pay rolling each month, which I think is a great idea.

So… What was in my May bag?

  1. First let me start of by saying the actual bag it came in was so cute, and so handy especially considering I can use it on holiday for all my makeup!
  2. I got a makeup sponge by their own brand LMB. I wanted to try this as it has the beauty blender shape and so far I’m actually really loving the round side!
  3. I also got a mini makeup sponge from their LMB brand. I was super excited to try this as I’ve been wanting to try the mini beauty blenders. This is a life saver when it comes to concealer!
  4. I got a Malin and Goetz clay mask. I’ve never tried a clay mask before and I’ve heard really good things about this brand…I should probably actually try it out now!
  5. Lastly I got a Nuxe Paris cleansing gel. I use a Micellar water at the moment, so I’m excited to try this gel and looking forward to a difference in consistency… If that makes sense?

All in all I feel like this beauty bag is A. An absolute bargain B. Brilliant as you can pick your own items and yeah.. It’s great. I definitely reccomend you check them out! And if you decide to sign up here, use my code  FRANC442 for an extra £21’s worth of credits when you sign up!!

*I bought this beauty bag myself and all comments are my own.



How I clean my makeup brushes ! + Review

I know I know… It’s been a while… You can blame me later okay! So today I’m doing a how I clean my makeup brushes, and currently in trying out the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette. So there will be a mini review at the end!


So when you get the palette, which is £12.99 in superdrug, you also get two sample sachets of their brush cleansing gel, which is a good way for them to promote another product.

  1. Pop some of the brush cleansing gel into the palette. (Use about half a sachet)
  2. Add a little bit of water. (Not too much to ensure no splashing around)
  3. Rub and scrub your brushes  clean and make sure to put the bumps on the palette to good use!
  4. Dry out your makeup brushes either using a palette of just laying them down on some tissues. Only lay them out flat or upside down, as otherwise the water will get deep into the brush.
  5. If you can no brush cleansing gel left, I like to use baby shampoo instead as its very gentle yet really effective!

Now on to the review!

  • The actual cleansing palette is ergonomically designed so your hand can slide in the back of it. I think this is really great as it means you can hold the palette with one hand, and brushes in the other.
  • Another thing I like about the palette is that it’s made out of flexible, rubber material. This means that you can really deep cleanse your brushes as well as avoid getting water everywhere.
  • One cool thing that the palette has is different sized bumps, to clean different sized brushes. This is especially good if you have a range of brushes, and it allows you to clean each individual brush really well!
  • Now I don’t use it like this, as I have way too many brushes. But you can also use the palette to lay the brushes out to dry on. It’s really good that the palette doubles up in this way… But like I said, I haven’t been able to do this yet.
  • One thing I would say about the palette, is that it’s quite shallow. Therefore sometimes the water you use can splash about a bit, but other than that it’s really great!

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Koko K – Kylie Lipkit

So here we are…. A few months into the craze and I have finally caved in. As soon as Kylie Jenner brought out Koko K I knew I had to buy it, as I was already tempted by Candy K, but it seemed slightly too dark and daunting for my fair skin. I had been waiting for a while to purchase this, just to make sure the product was actually good in itself, especially considering in total it cost £30!! I still question whether the price is good.

So how did I get it you ask? Well I actually subscribed to her app, and I know what you’re thinking, but it was free I tell you! She was doing this 7 day free trial, and 4 days into the trial there it was, 11pm at night. It took me just 2 minutes to purchase my lipkit… I was absolutely on it.

Down to the product >The packaging that this lipkit comes in is absolutely beautiful. The box it’s packed in has black and white paint drips. You get black tissue paper inside with a ‘note’ from Kylie saying thank you, which is a nice touch yet went straight in the bin. On the front of the individual box we find a graphic of Kylie’s lips with paint dripping, which looks pretty cool. And then this paint dripping theme continues on the the product which I believe is glass.. But I can’t tell? 

Now it took some getting use too, but I actually really love this product and both the lip liner and the actual liquid lipstick are of a very good quality. The lip liner is very creamy and the colour pay off is absolutely brilliant. Only thing I would say is be very gentle, and the nib of the pencil is prone to breaking. (YOU CAN EVEN SHARPEN THEM)

Now onto the liquid lipstick. This lipstick is very very liquidy, if that’s even a word. It feels extremely light on your lips, almost as if you’re wearing nothing on them. The only thing I would say is that it is slightly drying, so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise prior to application! Can I just mention, it’s smells like a sweet vanilla beautiful cake and it makes me want to eat it, obviously I don’t though! 

Thanks for reading this post and I hope you liked it! Do you have a Kylie lip kit? Do you want one? Let me know in the comments below!